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My name is Rovell Gaither and I'm a 23 year old accessories designer. I wouldn't call myself a "fashion designer" because I feel like its so limited to the category of clothing only. I make pieces that stand out and are definitely statements to ANY outfit. Whether that be bags, hats, clothing, or jewelry, you can count on my items to deliver uniqueness and quality. I have been blessed abundantly to have the skills and business that i have, and with this skill and business I plan on making unique pieces that capture art in a wearable form. 
My brand consists of unique pieces made out of denim. I’ve always loved the textile denim, and the pure rawness of the fabric. Denim has a beauty to it that speaks for itself. All of my pieces are made from high quality 100% Cotton Denim.
Each item and piece that is produced, sold, and shipped is made handmade personally by me (Rovell Gaither). With each design I make, I try to make it in as much of a limited quantity as I can. I do this to keep myself from mass producing the same item OVER and OVER, but I also do this so that YOU, the customer can be guaranteed you will be buying something that not a million people have. As of right now, my main focus with my brand is accessories and bags. I may one day venture off into clothing (which is where my love for sewing came from) but as of now that’s not something I focus on. 
Thankyou so much for supporting me and my small business and making a dream a reality :)